Top location Hotel in Berlin, Friedrich chain

Top location Hotel in Berlin, Friedrich chain

Grünberger Straße 21, 10243 Berlin, Berlin Friedrichshain, Germany
6 000 000€ # 333
Top location Hotel in Berlin, Friedrich chain

General data

Price 6 000 000€
ID 333
Year built 1900
Floor 5
room 39
Yield € 5
estate agent 7.14%
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Object Description

The company owns a home in a Top location in Friedrichshain, and it operates the house as a Hotel. The Hotel exists since 20 years and is well-known in the whole district.
Total gross area : approximately 2000 m 2
Land area: 540 m 2

Buildings with a total gross floor area of 1934,28 m 2 (Without basement) + not yet Developed DG 189 m 2 in the front of the house. In the back of the house, GROSS areas can be built up to the 438,04 m 2.
5 - storey old building - front building with side wing and rear house; the side wing (with a lift) and the rear house will be used as a Hotel, but then can not empty handed. In the front house 2 apartments rented for a perpetual term, all others can freely pass. In addition, a DG-development reserve of gross approx. 500 m 2 ( net approx. 330 m 2 );
Central heating (Gas), incl. WW / central heating (gas), incl. warmwater
The heating system is from 1995. The Wastewater lines (HT/SML), as well as the drinking water pipes (copper) have been renewed. Only two residential units are classified as in need of modernization (Altmieter). The staircases have runs original hand. In the front of the house style elements, such as wood coffered doors and the parquet/plank floors are still present as well as stucco decorations on the Ceilings.
The rear of the Property was sold in the 90s. In reason, book a walking, driving and piping rights in REM secured.
No Environment Protection Area. (In the environment protection area of Boxhagener Platz, only the house numbers 1-11, 61-91). Due to the location and the possibility to reach in the short term, a high vacancy, a division or a tag in the furnished Living or office space.

Operation of the Economic analyses of the company:
Sales in years:
2014 - 639 978,22 € .
2015 - 676 454,12 € .
2016 - 643 303,33 € .
2017 - 601 738,58 € .
Sales ligt in average per year at 600-670 Thousand EUR. Fixed costs and operating expenses are per year 330-350 Thousand euros.

If required, we can provide on-the-spot results. We keep a purchase price of 6,000,000. 00 Euro.
Very strong demand for the area of Berlin-Friedrichshain asked and Central. Within walking distance to the Warsaw road, as well as the popular district around the Boxhagener Platz. Up to the East Side Gallery and the Spree, it is only a TRAM Station. There is also the S-Bahn station is located. Warschauer Straße. Shops for all daily needs are within walking distance, as well as food discounters.


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