Urgent! To property owners in Germany

Urgent! To property owners in Germany

Urgent! To property owners in Germany

Berlin is the first city in Germany to implement a law freezing rents.

The rent freeze only applies to apartments built before 2013 and is valid for five years. In addition, tenants now have the right to demand compensation for the excessive rent they paid earlier.

The law will only apply to secondary residences, new buildings are an exception. The owner of the flat must therefore recalculate within the next two months after the law comes into force!

The maximum rent table shows values between 3.90 and 9.80 € per square meter, depending on the area, year of construction, condition and equipment. If a tenant in Berlin finds that his rent is more than 20% above the values in the table, he is entitled to a rent reduction and compensation for the rent already paid.

What happens if this law is broken? The property owner is to pay a fine, which depends on the difference between actual rent and rent according to the law.

A similar law can be enforced in the example of Berlin in any other city in Germany, where rents have risen dramatically recently and there is a serious shortage of affordable housing.

What should a homeowner do? Contact your property management company within two months and discuss possibilities to implement this law!

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