Berlin Real Estate Consulting provides real estate services in the real estate market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For those who want to invest in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we offer the following services:

• Individual selection of objects according to the wishes of the customer

• Selection and organization of displays of real estate objects

• Review and preparation of all documents and the purchase contract
• Technical and economic valuation of real estate
• Expert evaluation of real estate
• Complete legal support for transactions
• Opening a current account at a German bank
• Credit for citizens of Russia and the CIS
• Property management
• Joint projects and operational business
• Company opening (GmbH)
• Accounting services repair and construction

More information about the services of the company

• Opening a company in Germany
• Real estate management in Germany
• Tax advice in Berlin
• Sale of real estate abroad
• Help with borrowing in Germany
• Practice for brokers in Berlin
• Hotels in Germany
• Apartment interior design in Berlin
• Repair of apartments in Berlin 

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