Property Management in Germany

Property Management in Germany

Berlin Real Estate Consulting is a management in Germany and offers a wide range of trust management services from a small apartment or home to apartment buildings, commercial real estate.

We distinguish ourselves from other management companies by providing foreign investors, including those who do not live in Germany, with a language that is comfortable for you, providing a tax consultant, designers and architects and carrying out repairs. If necessary, we can help you to contact a notary or a lawyer.

Trust management of an apartment in Germany

1. Electricity, telephone, internet connection
2. Correspondence with the tenant, property management, municipal services and authorities
3. Maintain a bank account, make all necessary payments, monitor monthly payments to the owner
4. Make an annual cash flow report on the account
5. Contact with the tenant (rent increase, payment reminder, acceptance of complaints, etc.)
6. Receive mail services
7. Organization of the repair work (payment is separate)
The cost of services is 29 euros per month
If the apartment is not rented; the cost of services is 15 euros per month!

Property management in Germany

Complete technical and economic management of profitable (multifamily) houses.
1. Direct management of residential buildings. Working with tenants and owners, finding new tenants, concluding leases, providing municipal services, providing the house with utilities, and monitoring their timely payments
2. Maintenance of housing stock, including maintenance, maintenance of utilities and minor repairs of buildings and apartments ...
3. Accounting and administration of residents and owners. If you tell us the parameters of the house, address, number of apartments within 24 hours, we will inform you about the costs of property management;

Management of commercial real estate in Germany

In the area of commercial real estate management, we offer you the same range of services, but taking into account the specifics of commercial real estate. These are, for example, the conditions for the termination of leases or the pledge of business premises.

Real estate management costs in Germany: Residential - 19 euros per month (if the apartment is not rented). The management of the rented apartment costs 29 euros per month.

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