New build in the heart of the capital

New build in the heart of the capital

Tauenzienstrasse, Berlin, Germany
€444 000 # 305
New build in the heart of the capital

General data

Price €444 000
ID 305
Year built 2019
Floor 1
room 2
Square footage 54.1
Utilities € 300
estate agent 3%
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Object Description

The quality is known in detail

For such an upscale location, I need equipment that is equally thoughtful and high quality. This principle is for us mainly in the choice of materials used and the quality of our construction. With exquisitely beautiful tiles, with elegant floors, with intelligent details and plenty of light, light and light: it's the atmosphere, where beauty literally comes to life. This is a new house that awakens adoration.

This modern new building there are apartments of different sizes, so everyone will find a new home that suits their taste and preferences.

Here are just a few examples of what we want to offer You:
2 bedroom apartment 87,23 per square meter Purchase price: EUR 658.900
3-room apartment 94,28 square meters Purchase price: 733.000 Euro

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When desires become more
"Before the Baltic sea, Friedrichstrasse": this project embodies the dream of Tucholsky in Berlin: in front of more features for the garden. And between them? Tower apartments on nine floors that breathe light and size.
Life on the pulse of the city, in the heart of the metropolis.
The UPS and downs of Berlin is reflected today in many new facades around the Gedächtniskirche: here carefully preserved history. Monuments of the period of reconstruction to introduce myself as new. And all this is complemented by a new climax moments, which even from afar gives high self-esteem West Berlin. They say it's the heart of the city. And it's beating faster than ever.

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