Medical centre in Bavaria

q, Bayern, Germany
3 200 000€ # 338
Medical centre in Bavaria

General data

Price 3 200 000€
ID 338
Year built 1900
Floor 3
Yield € 6
estate agent 4.5%
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Object Description

Medical centre in Bavaria

We offer you an excellent investment property in the city of Coburg.
The object is a very well-preserved old buildings, in a modern multi-functional medical centre is located.
The owner has in the course of the rental several times of refurbishment.
The modernisation work to be carried out, so that everything in
pristine condition is located.
By a long-term contract concluded with the tenants and stable revenues.
the advantages are, on the one hand, due to the good distribution of space,
what are the functional conditions of such a centre
taken into account, and on the other hand, due to the convenient location in the historic
The district of Coburg, close to the train station.

Rental income is now 11.982€ in the month. Thus, a result
Income of 143.787€ in the year (5,24% yield), where a rent increase
quite possible, so that the annual revenue on 180.773€
rise. Accordingly, a yield of 5.65%.

Company can help a credit in the amount of 60-70% of the
To get total! In the case of a Borrowing which is measured
Revenue with regard to the repayment 143.787€. This
a profitability of the equity investment, taking account of would
the repayment of 11.24%!

The following issues are observed:
One-time tax on the purchase of land - 112.000€ (3,5% of the total)
Payment to the notary and for the record - 48.000€ (1,5% of the total)
Broker's Commission - 96.000€ (3% of the total)

If you are interested, you can contact us to clarify any questions or to obtain additional information.


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