Company registration in Germany

Company registration in Germany

Company registration in Germany

In Germany there are various organizational and legal forms of doing business. The most attractive for foreign founders is the GmbH. If you establish a company in Germany, a limited liability company, a notarized partnership agreement containing the name, legal address and business activity of the company, the size of the authorized fund of at least 25,000 euros, is required Registration of the authorized capital of the Company is the working capital and can be used in the corporate requirements. The founders appoint one or more management companies. The law also does not provide for any restrictions on dependence on the citizenship or residence of the founders.

The duration of the first registration of the company is two to three days, in which the applicants must be in Germany. Thereafter, the company is in the start-up phase (GmbH in formation). The GmbH can carry out economic activities immediately, but the founders carry the personal responsibility (all property) for the activity of the company. Only after registration in the commercial register (6-8 weeks after the signing of the founding documents) is the responsibility of the founders limited to the size of their shares.

The documents will be signed by a notary on 2. - 3. Day; Opening an account on the same day or the next day; the introduction of capital on the same day or in the near future through cashless transfer (all in the presence of the founders).

The costs for the notary are about 1000 € (depending on the number of founders)
Services of our company (company, manager, account opening, legal advice, consulting) - 1000 €
Authorized capital from 25,000 €

When implementing a limited liability company in Germany, mandatory monthly statements are required for value added tax and payroll tax. At the end of the year, an annual balance sheet and tax returns for corporation tax and trade tax are to be prepared.

After registering the company in Germany, the founders have the opportunity to obtain a business visa for a period of 3 months to one year. After 18-24 months following the registration of the company, the founder appointed by the director, depending on the activity of the company, has the right to apply for a residence permit with him and his family members in Germany, which then gives him the right of naturalization.

It should be noted that foreign entrepreneurs today have priority over other categories of immigrants in Germany.

Our services avoid mistakes, loss of time and the payment of fines when registering a company in Germany.
- Registration of a German company (GmbH)
- Opening a bank account in a German bank for a company
- Registration of a legal address for your company
- providing the manager of your company
- Optimization of taxation

I. Tax overview of a company in Germany

Corporate tax in Germany
• The income of the GmbH is subject to taxation after deduction of costs
• The tax rate is 15%
• Solidarity allowance 5.5% of corporation tax
Together, 15.825%

Trade tax in Germany
• The income from entrepreneurial activity is subject to taxation
• Tax rate of 14% to 18%, depending on the municipality
Total from 29.825% to 33.825%

Example of the payment of taxes in Germany
Taxation at the level of the GmbH (in thousands of euros)
Profit GmbH 100,00
Fishing tax 14.00
Corporate tax 15.00
Solidarity grant 0.83
The amount of taxes of the company 29.83
Profit after taxes 70.17
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