Property for sale in Austria

Property for sale in Austria

Real estates in Austria - are increasingly regarded as an alternative investment.
However, by investing in Austria, people do not expect high revenues from the lease of the objects. Investors are more hopeful on retaining funds or the possibility of making a profit by reselling objects when the prices increase.
For example, the return on residential property is about 4%. Profit from the rental of apartment houses is 5-6%. Commercial objects in Austria provide an income of about 7%.

Commercial real estates in Austria are characterized by a stable and positive price trend without sharp price fluctuations. At the moment, in Austria, there are a number of bills that preclude excessive speculation in the field of sale and purchase of real estate. In this regard, for foreigners, in some parts, the approval of the municipality is required. However, you can simplify the purchase procedure if you have a company registered in Austria or the EU.

Most investors prefer to buy hotels in Austria. In this country, tourism plays a huge role. People from all over the world are attracted by a varied history, unique architectural monuments that have survived through the centuries, the famous Vienna Opera, world-famous museums and much, much more. And, of course, the ski resorts wich provide many working places for a large part of the country. 

If needed, our Russian-speaking staff will consult and answer your questions! Upon your arrival in Austria, they will meet and organize the viewings of the objects you have chosen! Our company provides full support, from consultations and search of the object, to registration of transactions and the subsequent management of your property!

It would be an honour for us to see you among our clients.

Types of real estates in Austria:

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Advantages of buying property in Austria

The country of Austria has its own charm. It is predominantly a mountainous country, the most of it is occupied by the Eastern Alps. The average height above sea level: 900 m. This left a mark on all areas, from the climate to the economy and the real estate market.

The economic centres are mostly represented by cities located in areas with ski resorts. There are definitely some  exceptions, for example: Vienna and Salzburg, which are attractive in themselves.
Each region of Austria has a special atmosphere. History, beautiful views, mountains, an atmosphere of peace and stability - all this attracts tourists from all over the world. A lot of them decide to buy a house or an apartment in Austria in order to have the opportunity to live in a country with the ability to rest or live in a stable, developed country with a rich history and many ski resorts. This is not only a quality rest, but also an opportunity to give their children a European education.

The range of real estates in Austria is very wide. There is a huge number of houses, cottages, chalets, etc. in the market, built or reconstructed according to the most modern technologies. You can buy a small house, as well as an elite or commercial property, a hotel or even a historical castle. In addition, prices for objects in different parts of the country only differ slightly. Therefore, you can choose accommodation or commercial facilities based solely on personal goals and preferences.

The subtleties of buying property in Austria

When buying and selling an object there are a number of taxes and fees. The total tax rate is 3.5% of the value of the object. 1% for the registration of the property, and 3.6% commission to the agent will be added to the 3.5%.

The sale of real estates in Austria to foreigners has some features.
You may need permission of local authorities, registration of a legal entity and other formalities. All these problems can be solved in a regular manner. To do this, you just need to turn to specialists who have experience working with clients from Russia.

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